Thursday, March 31, 2011

MGG - THIS COULD BE THE LAST TIME tape added to distro

now sold out from the label. a massive c69 of shorter form stripped-down moog meditations. beautiful collage artwork by the amazing phil french. SORRY SOLD OUT

#11 and #12 are almost sold out, thanks.

Friday, March 25, 2011

03/11 peccant batch

first two tapes on the peccant label

PCNT 11 - m. geddes gengras / jeremy kelly - 'MGGJJK2K10' c45

the material for this split was recorded in 2009 and released in 2011, so let's split the difference. the first in an endless series of splits and collabs by modular BFFs MGG and JJK. gengras' side acts as a follow up to the grittier sounds of his 'Pink Trails' CS combined with the trippier deep-mix qualities of the split with a.m. shiner. endless moog mantras framed against the grainy rumblings of his modular synth. kelly explores the darkest corners of synthesis and comes up with the headiest blend of deep space music, musique concrète, and early electronic composition, reveling in sound for sound's sake. initial pressing of 50 copies

PCNT 12 - m. geddes gengras - 'magical writing' c45

two pieces for moog and euro-rack modular system. recorded in early 2011, reflections on loss and damage, the power of the word. gentle melodies evolve into elegiac walls of sound, crackling around the edges with subtle electricity. one of the more austere works in the MGG catalog. initial pressing of 50 copies.

dubbed on chrome tape with black and white jcards. $6.50 ppd in the US. contact at gedgengras(((A.T.)))gmail<-dot->com